BIDON FIDLOCK TWIST bottle 600ml Clear

149.00 z VAT

  • Łatwy montaż na uchwytach BCM 64 na butelki
  • Prowadnica magnetyczna w mechanicznej blokadzie
  • Tworzywo łatwe do ściśnięcia
  • Duży otwór wlewowy – łatwy do czyszczenia
  • Można myć w zmywarce
  • Waga (butelka + uchwyt): 125 g
  • Materiał: 100% wolne od BPA


The magnetic bottle holder with bicycle drinking bottle BOTTLE TWIST by Fidlock. Probably the safest bottle holder with a great fun factor! SAFE HOLDER: Magnets pull the bottle into the holder by themselves. The snap-in hooks allow a firm connection of the bottle with the bicycle frame. So it stays safely in place, even if it goes over stick and stone! EASY REMOVAL: The bottle can be removed to the side with a simple handle. So it can also be attached to particularly narrow bicycle frames, where no other bottle holder fits. MINIMALISTIC DESIGN: The holder on the bicycle captivates by its small size and the low weight of only 16 grams! HIGH-QUALITY DRINKING BOTTLE: The drinking bottle has a volume of 600 ml and is free of BPA. The bottle cap has an extra large mouthpiece for a large water flow. Without the holding element, the bottle can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. If the bottle is worn out, it can easily be replaced. The integrated retaining element is removed and mounted on a new bottle. Replacement bottles are available in all shops where Bottle Twist is available. DELIVERY: The BOTTLE TWIST set consists of the bottle, magnetic holder and two screws.


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BIDON FIDLOCK TWIST bottle 600ml Clear

149.00 z VAT

149.00 z VAT

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